Facial Care

Facial Care

Deep skin cleansing, ease skin toxic chemicals and dead skin, remove acnes. Anti-aging facial massage, supply clean oxygen, ion skin serum and multiple herbal vitamin mask.

Standard Facial Skincare                        60 minutes - 350.000 VND

Deep Facial care treatment                     90 minutes - 650.000 VND

60 minutes - 500.000 VND
Deep cleansing detox treatment for skin affected by pollution, chemical, cosmetics
75 minutes - 550.000 VND
Deep cleansing for pimples, back head acnes, dirty and T areas, moustache
75 minutes - 550.000 VND
Moisturizes the skin with mineral mud and collagen and bio-light, replenishes moisture, prevents ageing and stimulates helps brighten the skin firmly
75minutes - 580.000 VND
Special essential serum whiten skin with fresh collagen, build skin and anti-ageing

Oriental medicine whitening treatment - 75 minutes                          620.000 VND

Herbal Collagen whitening treatment - 75mins                                    750.000 VND

Mesotherapy Seaweed - 75mins                                                               600.000vnd

Mesotherapy Herbal Ginseng - 75mins                                                  1.200.000vnd

Treatment for deep cleansing skin combined cold ion technique helps supply nutrition to the skin for smoothie skin, get results more times than classic lotion or serum applying
For Sensitive skin      60 minutes – 75 minutes                      590.000 VND

For Dry Skin                60 minutes – 75 minutes                     590.000 VND

Facial Moisturizer serum or Fresh Collagen

For Oily skin               60 minutes – 75 minutes                      590.000 VND

Apply fresh Vitamin C for skin

For Aging skin            60 minutes – 75minutes                      590.000 VND

Apply fresh EGCG, and organic bee venom essence